• Mini updates, getting our software out of beta and going live.
  • Obtaining additional exchange listings after we reach 1% of the roadmap.
    Running a poll to determine which exchange the participants want to be added to next.
  • While reaching 2,5% the roadmap. Development & initiating our 'PRO plan'. Where users will get a lot more info from various sources online.
    Participants will be able to see signals from OTHER payable services. We will monitor those trades and report results resulting in a picture of who is a legitimate force, or who should be avoided.
  • When we reach 10%, initiate rewards for users who advertise our service.
    For every 3 new customers you bring you get a ticket and we will then randomly draw winners each month to win nice prizes. The more people you bring, the more tickets you get.
  • Development of a contributor service and revenue share when we reach 25%.
    Contributor will have to be staked for 3 months after applying to be a contributor. Then they will need to provide signals to admins with targets which will then be scored on how well they perform. The top X number of contributors will be able to post their signals to everyone. Users will cast their vote for who is the best contributor. Contributors will get an extra 30% share of our revenue from all the people that voted for them.
  • Launch a trading desk when we reach 50%.
    We will employ many crypto traders who will monitor the markets 24/7. Each trader will have up to 9 monitors and all the custom written tools they will need.
    We will have daily pdf crypto reports with detailed information. We are here to serve you so you can reap all the advantages of volatility in the crypto markets, and be the best possible traders with a system that isn't based in emotional thinking.
  • ERC20 token, Crypto fund, vast amounts of new material, all when we hit 100%.
    We are still moving to accomplish this, making this part of the roadmap TOP SECRET for now.