How it works?

Our custom written scripts are following every altcoin on Binance, as soon as there is increased trading activity in price and volume altcoin is added to a Pivo Monitor and if the right indicators are met, you get a 'signal'. This are not your typical buy signals you can blindly follow. This is data from Binance that we process and lay out for you to use. This is happening NOW on Binance.
We at believe that best way to profit in crypto is trading on momentum, which means that a certain cryptocurrency is hot for a few minutes , few hours or for a few days, mainly depends on what the reason for the move is.
There is so many different altcoins, there are always some that are hyped while the rest are simply not. With our tool you will always know where the action is happening.
You are able to see what is happening on Binance now , check number of trades each single crypto currency is getting per minute, set alerts, check our Pivo Monitor, follow Crypto Noise, where you can read calls from social media, make your own favorite list and lots more.